I see myself as a treasure map leading buccaneers to buried gold. 

I'm Erin Black, and if you've found your way to this particular place, you're hunting for something. Many of you know me best as Chicago's premier BBW escort and kinky companion. You've seen my website and online presence, and you're wondering if you can develop your brand the way I've developed mine.  

I want to help you hunt for and uncover your ultimate branding and marketing potential, and work with you to develop your potential. I'm really, quite simply, your Girl Friday. I'm your right-hand lady with the industry insight and know-how to help elevate your brand to the next level. 

I'm a tried-and-true brand developer and strategist that comes with years of traditional sales and marketing know-how, professional writing skills, basic front-end web development skill, and a trained and keen eye for design.  All keywords aside, I truly love working with motivated, hearty, enterprising individuals who are invested in their own success. Whether you're just entering this business or working to rebrand your current business, I'm here to help you get it together. 

A word to the wise: If your're simply looking for me to listen to you talk, ask you about your feelings, or pat you on the back and tell you how great you've done thus far, I'll refuse your money and suggest you call your mom instead.

As an independent consultant, I get hired by project to assess your current branding and marketing scheme and produce specific, targeted, and sustainable plans of action for you and your brand. Once we find the perfect fit, I love taking charge of creating beautiful digital solutions for you myself. 

So, should you hire me? Would we be a match style-wise? That I can't answer; only you can. Are you a friendly, flexible professional who is willing to work with me to create your best-facing brand, or are you staunch and rigid? Do you track and truly value long-term results, or do you shudder at the word "investment?" Do you have a pretty good thing going and just need an edge?

Here's where I am. I have an unusually diverse number of skills at levels that more than meet and exceed our industry's standards, and I offer them at very competitive rates. I have the edge of actually working as an escort in today's ever-changing environment.  When I'm your Gal Friday, I'm all-in. You'll get the absolute best I have to give and nothing less. Accordingly, I expect you to be a prompt, professional, respectful, and competitive individual who needs help from a professional with sophistication, poise, and savvy. Are you indeed that person?

If you are that person, and you want to work together, I expect you to be courteous, and I can guarantee the same. I can also promise you that if you respect my time, energy, and occasionally dogmatic tendencies, you can expect sustainable and exceptional results. For fee-based projects, I require 50% up front, and accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and can process credit/debit/Vanilla Visa/Amex Gift Cards.  When consulting hourly or on retainer, I guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you need a more permanent Gal Friday, personal assistance services are available at full/part-time rates, with weekly and monthly payment options. 

Most folks contact me via my contact sheet, but you can also reach out to me via email at erin@blackashconsulting.com. 

Let's find your real. Send me a message. 

I'm now thrilled to offer full Booking/screening/scheduling services! click here for more details!