Looking for insight on what you should do concerning FOSTA? Please take a look here.

What's the turn-around time on your work?

Turn-around time is project dependent, but generally speaking most projects are completed in 2-6 weeks.  This assumes that I get all the materials necessary to complete your site/ad copy in a timely manner (links to ads, photos, etc). Current turnaround times are always listed on the pricing page.

Also please note that domain transfers from sites like EscortBook require at least a week to transfer, so please take into account your domain hosting when looking for rush orders.

So, all your sites are SquareSpace sites. I can do that myself. Why should I hire you? Do you do custom work?

Well, if you'd like to spend the time it takes to produce an aesthetically pleasing, visually compelling, and working website via SquareSpace, please be my guest. I'm always transparent about the platforms I use for my websites, and am proud of the work I do. My time is valuable, just like your time is valuable.  If you value hiring someone with a specific skill set to produce high-quality work for you, you should hire me.  If you'd like to fiddle around with your own website and spend a ton of time making something you might not even like, go for it! That's how I learned, and anyone who has the time and energy can teach themselves how to make a great website. 

I am also more than happy to do custom sites using Wordpress as well, and am in the process of acquiring and setting up private servers hosted overseas. If you are interested in complete and total website hosting and maintenance services, they will be available in the coming months. There will be hosting and maintenance subscription options for you to choose from, including having a stand alone site with no support, should you be familiar with and know how to use Wordpress. 

Really, what this is about is flexibility. If you have a completely custom site made by me and need things changed, you'll need to submit a support ticket and pay a fee in order to have things changed. If you don't want to handle any part of your website and want me to do it all, I am more than happy to do that for you. However, if you're more interested in having me build a website that's functional, beautiful, and easy for you to update, I recommend sticking with SquareSpace unless you're already a whiz with Wordpress.

I'm also proud to start offering Wix buildouts as well!

What payment options do you take? 

I happily take Venmo, Paypal, Vanilla Visa/AMEX Gift Cards, and all major credit cards. Email addresses for Venmo and Paypal are different than the one listed here, so please let me know if you intend on paying with one of these methods so I can get you the correct address. 

If you need another payment option, please let me know. 

Payments are taken 50% up front and 50% on completion. Payment plans are available for bigger projects. 

Ideally, I need images that are at least 2MB in size/at least 72p resolution.  These look the best on both Wordpress and SqareSpace. Of course, if you want to use selfies, I'm happy to do that as well.  Selfies are of course lower-resolution and won't look crisp and clear. 

What size photos do you need for my website?